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Benvegnùo inscia Wikipedia Ligure![modìfica wikitèsto]

Salûi! Segiæ benvegnui inta Wikipedia Ligure, a libera enciclopedia, de badda scrîta con l'agiutto de tutti. --Dragonòt 06:47, 26 Maz 2009 (UTC)

Emblem of the City of Genoa[modìfica wikitèsto]

Hi, I am always happy when someone adds or rectifies something on our small regional Wiki, so first of all a big thanks for supporting us! As to the emblem of the City of Genoa, historically the two griffons holding the shield with the Saint George's Cross is actually the symbol and emblem of Genoa, coinciding with the former province of Genoa, now replaced through the new denomination "metropolitan city of Genoa". Please see: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stemma_di_Genova and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Province_of_Genoa . All the best, Luensu1959 (discuscioin) 08:58, 10 set 2018 (UTC)