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Benvegnùo inscia Wikipedia in Ligure![modìfica wikitèsto]

Salûi! Segiæ benvegnui inta Wikipedia Ligure, a libera enciclopedia, de badda scrîta con l'agiutto de tutti. ----Dragonòt (discussioni) 19:06, 1 Arv 2013 (UTC)

Norway on Wikipedia Ligure[modìfica wikitèsto]

Hi Magnefl, thanks for adding something to our Ligurian/Genoese Wiki! I have just added the missing subtitles under the flag and the map of Norway. What language is Noreg as against Norge? Have you ever been to Liguria? Luenséin (discuscioin) 09:48, 25 Öto 2017 (UTC)

This country has two names: Norge is Norwegian bokmål, Noreg is Norwegian nynorsk. We also have one more Norwegian official language = Sami, but only this two names on the country. I have been to Lombardia, but I think Liguria will be my next visit maybe next year as I live by the coast in Norway and I would like to see the coast in Liguria. Magnefl (discuscioin) 11:01, 25 Öto 2017 (UTC)