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Iscriçion do lourençio into o nùmero 103 [1]

In ta sciensa o lourençio (it: laurenzio) o l'è un elemento chimico co o scimbolo Lr e o numeo atomico 103.

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  1. Albert Ghiorso inscribes "Lw" (lourençio) in space 103; codiscoverers (l. to r.) Robert Latimer, Dr. Torbjorn Sikkeland, and Almon Larsh look on approvingly. The new element was created at the Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator (Hilac) by bombarding a target of californium (with 98 protons) with boron nuclei (with 5 protons, thus creating a new element with 103 protons. It is the first of the trans- uranium elements to be identified entirely by nuclear, rather than by chemical, means. JG.

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