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Contegnûi da pàgina no suportæ in de âtre léngoe.
Da Wikipedia

Benvegnûo in scia Wikipedia Ligure! We'll try and make a stub page according to your request. Just give us some time! All the best, --Luensu1959 (discuscioin) 10:14, 26 lùg 2021 (CEST)[rispóndi]

Hi! The three pages you've asked for translation has been created (1, 2 and 3) and maybe in the next weeks I'll also expand a bit our page about the Azerbaijan SSR; it's a captivating topic how, writing of the evolution through time of these symbols, it's possible to follow the history of this SSR.
Just a little off-topic: taking a look at the Azərbaycan dili Wikipedia there isn't the page about the language of this wiki, the Ligurian language! Could you (assuming that you're capable of speaking in Azeri language :D ) please create the page about our language in that Wiki? Even only a small stub would be enough, best regards! N.Longo (discuscioin) 13:31, 27 lùg 2021 (CEST)[rispóndi]